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Saraswati Yoga/ Slow Flow



Slow Flow Yoga

with Celia 

“He who is happy within, who rejoices within, and who is illuminated within, that yogi attains absolute freedom or Moksha” (The Bhagavad Gita, Fifth Discourse)

Class Details Forthcoming as Well as Updates

–Beginning October 5th, Saturday Slow Flow Class at Center L’Art Koya in 2 Plateaux.

Class from 1:15pm-2:45pm (Please bring your own mat)

(Please contact Center L’Art Koya for fees and inscription at artkoya225@gmail.com or 07 45 61 29).


You may also call 22503413695 or e-mail celia@ccbdanceproject.com

About: Celia Weiss Bambara is a long time yoga practitioner and she is certified to teach at the 200 RYT through Sivaananda International Yoga Teacher Training. She began practicing yoga in the dance studio while is college in Los Angeles with friends and was drawn back to the practice due to a dance related injury that occurred while working professionally as a dancer in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Daily yoga practice helped Celia to heal her injury and she became deeply interested in learning more about yoga  and yoga spirituality and how it could benefit dancers and non-dancers. Celia is also a dancer and a choreographer and she has MA in dance from UCLA and a Ph.D in dance studies from UC Riverside and she the artistic director for the CCBdance Project. More information on Celia is available on CCBdance Project.com and celiaweissbambara.com.

Class Description: This class combines classical hatha yoga and vinyasa flow to invigorate the mind and body, create deep strength, balance, focus and kindness. Through  slow to medium paced flow and gradual building of the asanas this class works on individual awareness, breath and strength.  This class also incorporates aspects of other somatic or mind/body techniques to achieve new connections and placement. An emphasis is placed on alignment and safe practice for the student of any level.


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