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6865998-artistic-om-symbolThe Power of Speech
Sounded with sincerity and devotion , vocalization of the Om can put the chanter in touch with the source of all creation….


Kirtan… Satsang… Chanting…
In ordinary speech we generally employ sound to express meaning in communication . The   intonation however of certain selected words in the form of mantras , chants and invocations serves to release latent forces from within and without to be directed for various purposes ,such as healing , personal upliftment  and the creation of metaphysical conditions that may lead towards a better understanding of the universe and our place in it.
For many of the inhabitants of India and other countries of the East ,the intonation of recited or sung mantra is an essential part of daily living.
Mantra:  A formula , which , by the power of its sound , creates certain conditions in the world of ones soul.
For many the practice of yoga is indivisible from the practice of mantra chanting.
Mantra yoga or Japa yoga is the easy way to a realization of Divinity.
Used as a single word or as a collection of words in verse form, wether physically vocalized or mentally evoked , a mantra sets in motion a  predetermined chain of effects . When mantras are used with consistent and dedicated purpose , there also can occur a profound prophetic awareness.
The cosmic sound AUM , or its condensed form ,OM , is
 the origin of all other sounds . It’s sounding can be broken up further to signify:
 “A” – the physical plane .
 “U” – the mental and the astral plane.
 “M” – all that is beyond the reach of the intellect.
Sounded with sincerity and devotion , vocalization of the Om can put the chanter in touch with the source of all creation , providing a bridge between the spiritual and physical dimensions and opening the way for inspirational contact with higher realms and beings. When used as an introduction to meditation, the sounding of Om will provide a powerful catalyst for inspiration and illumination .
We will continue to deepen our knowledge and understanding of sounds and mantras as we go along our path.
Om Shanti

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