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The Path

6865998-artistic-om-symbolPeace is not built with words.

Peace must be written in the human heart.

 ~ Carlos P. Romulo, 1946


Paul Dallaghan and O.P. Tiwariji leading the devayajna at Samahita Retreat in Thailand.

I have asked myself “How can people from different backgrounds come together in one purpose?” Yoga is a common ground that can bind different people together.

In my short experience as a yoga teacher I have found that all people are searching for the same thing: peace. In my teaching – in my practice – I have tried to help people to connect with their hearts, and, as Romulo suggests, to help them to write peace there. Have I succeeded?  Maybe or maybe not.  But I have done – continue to do – my best and I give my heart to it.

My teacher, Paul D, says that one should be able to walk on a busy airport or a busy city and feel the same peace, all the time.  Have I reached that state?  I am working on it.

I  seek to write peace in my heart. It is because of this, I was not scared to lay down my own path and share it with my students. It wasn’t easy. Still, it is not easy. But every time i do, I am better armed.  Better prepared. And this is thanks to my continuous practice of Yoga.

Yoga Philosophy is one of the most elegant, humanitarian, dignifying, humbling and simplest concepts ever explained to me.  I come from a very rational education, as a scientist. Spiritual and mystical philosophies that have no foundation in scientific fact hold little interest for me. Yet Yoga, as explained by masters such as O.P. Tiwariji, was never in conflict with Science.  Completely the opposite.

In the study of yoga concepts with Tiwariji I could see the human self, the human quest, the human sensitivity, unfold and spread clearly before me, so that I could understand. I realized that if I could understand better the process of the mind then I would be able to better understand my own Self.

To understand. This is a big word. Knowledge brings understanding.  Proper knowledge brings proper understanding.  Proper understanding bring sincerity, and then, devotion.  And this will lead to transformation.

Yoga has suffered a lot of improper understanding.  I have attended talks of so called yoga teachers with such a shallow understanding.  People can be, have been, lead, like sheep, to practices without the proper preparation; to radical points of view that don’t allow any kind of questioning.  This is not yoga. This black or white, no greys here, please.

These kinds of practices miss the whole point — the beauty, the depth, the ability for tolerance, and the welcome of a scientific approach of your own life, mind, body, and yes, spirit, through yogic practice.  Yoga is an intimate exploration of the self — it is uniquely ones own. What will work for you might no work for another person.  That is why awareness, questioning, and study is so important in the Yoga Path. This is e preparation. This is the readiness.

Developing this state of readiness for something bigger, starts with proper guidance.  Through proper guidance we can come to know our teacher, and our teacher’s teacher, and so on. In this way, we can go to the source.  Yoga Philosophy source is in India.  And still the best exponents of this great philosophy of life are in India. Next are those who were trained directly by accomplished masters in India.

I am fortunate to have journeyed to India. To have sat in the presence of the masters. What I learned is that these masters live in a simple way, in simple Ashrams.  What I have experienced is that when they speak the information goes straight to your heart and is understood in a simple way, There is no need of fancy places.  And then, you can begin to recognize other beauty. True beauty. The beauty of the energy of an old, clean, and strong place.  Then you will feel centered, somehow fixed, and then you will see the beauty of your own self.

In this state all social barriers fall apart.  You see each other as you are.
All kinds of personalities, nationalities, religions and histories, united in harmony for one purpose: peace.

May we be able someday to write permanently this word in our hearts.

May be blessed my teachers and my teacher’s teachers.”

Om Shanti






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